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Clear Correct Aligners

Why choose Clear Correct?

To straighten teeth invisible aligners are becoming more common than traditional wire and bracket orthodontic treatment. This is due to the following advantages of invisible aligners:

  • They are nearly invisible. You don’t have to worry about “metal mouth.”
  • There are no dietary restrictions. Just remove the aligners when eating or drinking, don’t worry about avoiding certain foods.
  • Oral hygiene is much easier. Because there are no wires and brackets it is much easier to brush and floss!
  • Quicker and easier check up appointments. You don’t need to worry about having wires and brackets changed, or rubber bands placed. All you need to do is come in for us to check how the teeth are moving and to get the next steps in your series of aligners

When compared to traditional braces, clear aligners are more comfortable, removable and much more discreet! Check out these videos below to learn more about clear aligner orthodontic treatment!


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